PRESS RELEASE: August 22, 2017


AMOAF enjoys highly successful two day annual meeting event!

On September 25 & 26, 2016, the Amusement Machine Owners Association of Florida (AMOAF)held its’ 2nd annual meeting and show in Orlando.  The event included training, education, discussion, a silent auction fundraiser and a well-stocked room of equipment and products as the inaugural trade show took place.

The event launched Friday afternoon with a Touchtunes service school, and was followed Friday evening with a cocktail party in the equipment display room.  Saturday morning started early with presentations by Scott Dick (AMOAF Lobbyist) discussing the new Florida redemption law, Dave Schwartz (BMI) talked redemptions ideas, and roundtables experienced healthy sharing of information on six different topics.  During lunch, Jerry Johnston (AMOA President) spoke to the value of trade association involvement and reported on the national association’s activities, and Scott Dick previewed the upcoming legislative sessions and opportunities available to AMOAF.

The annual AMOAF business meeting, led by President A J Kress, reviewed the finances of the organization, lobbyist arrangements, and a bylaws change.  Four new board members were voted in to serve three year terms: Rick Dee (Prime Time Amusements), Ed Chermak (Legacy), Joe Kirby (Betson) and Enzo Celani (Brady Starburst).

The officers for 2016 remain the same: AJ Kress (Florida Music Co), President; Larry Adami (Livingstons), Vice President; Greg Trent (Beyer and Brown), Treasurer; and Phil Juckem (All Brands), Secretary. Continuing board members are Kathey Fanning (Gator Coin), Phil McBride (T&G), John Shaeffer (Brewer), Brian Neslund (Family Fun Center), and Dale Williams (Williams).

Program Sponsors for the event were Legacy Coin-Operated Distributors, Touchtunes, and SACOA.

The Silent Auction fundraiser generated in excess of $11,000 for the association.  Significant contributors were Legacy/Touchunes (Playdium and Stand) and Arachnid (G3 dart).  Other generous contributors were American Changer, Valley, Pyramid, Playtime Toys, Crane Payment Systems (MEI), AMI, Incredible Technologies, Sure Shot, AMOA, and Prime Time Amusements.

The inaugural trade show enjoyed support from 14 manufacturers and suppliers who provided 16 machines to view, including 4 debut pieces.  Participating in the show were: BMI Merchandise, Playtime Toys, Arachnid, AMI, Unis, Benchmark, Raw Thrills, Stern, Venco, ICE, BayTek, Sega, Betson, Brady Starburst and Legacy.

AMOAF plans moving forward include new legislative activities focusing on sales tax issues, membership development and planning for a much larger annual meeting/tradeshow in 2016.

More pictures from the event can be viewed here:


​​​​Dale, Jerry, AJ




Multiple generations of coin-op families. Arnold, Kirby, and Kress

 I want to personally thank everyone that was involved and helped make this such a successful event. I cannot tell you the number of people this past week that have come up to me and tell me what a fabulous job we did getting this organized. Our hope is to make next year’s event better. We will keep you posted as we progress.

AJ Kress

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Latest News! 

On behalf of the officers and board members of AMOAF, we'd like to welcome you to our association website! Below is a list of the elected officers and board members. Your support is crucial in protecting our industry by joining together for the good of everyone in it. 

We have had several board meetings via conference call to continue organizing our association, and discuss how to deal with the negative legislation that was passed last year which has, or will, hurt just about everyone who owns coin operated machines in the state of Florida. We are working closely with several groups in the state that share our concerns about this legislation. There is a draft of a proposed bill that we are reviewing now.

Our association has always been a grass roots organization in the past, and today is no different. The state is being divided into 5 regions. The goal is to have informal meetings periodically in the local areas to meet your fellow members, invite new ones to join, share ideas and get updates from the board, and also invite local legislators to see firsthand just who we are and what we do.

Let's make 2016 a great year for our industry and members here in Florida!

​2015 Officers

A J Kress, President - Palm Beach Gardens
Larry Adami, Vice President - Sarasota
Greg Trent, Treasurer – Daytona
​Kathey Fanning, Secretary – Tampa

Board Members:

Brian Neslund – Lakeland
John Schaefer - Ocala

Kathey Rosenquist – Jacksonville
Phil McBride – Titusville
​Dale Williams - Orlando


We look forward to seeing you!

Kathey Fanning

Kathey Fanning can be reached at (904) 343-0335 or 

He can provide more information about the AMOAF and the upcoming meeting. 

                              PHOTO: Benchmark’s Al Kress & Linda Connor, 2016 AMOAF President  AJ Kress, 2016 AMOA President Jerry Johnston


​                        ​     

Effective July 01, 2015, HB 641 becomes law. Link to new law > HB 641

 That’s right! Starting tomorrow, you will have to abide by the new law affecting our industry. If you haven’t heard, some of us are now limited to the dollar amount of prizes that we give away as merchandise. There are now three classifications for amusement machines. Please follow the link above to read the law.

About AMOAF:

Article II, Section 2.1 (a), AMOAF Code of Bylaws, states the purpose of the Corporation to be: To engage in education for and advocacy on behalf of those engaged in the business of coin operated amusement and entertainment devices. Our membership is open to machine owners who place equipment in bars, restaurants, bowling centers, family arcades, fun centers, theme parks, etc. We do not condone or support in any way "gray area", "sweepstakes" or applications of amusement equipment that might be considered gambling. 

Contact us at or call 386-232-8773.

Amusement Machine Owners Association of Florida

SB 0668 (Stargel) & identical HB 0945 


Senate Gaming Committee bill SB 7052

For immediate release:      


Monday, August 28, 2017
1:00 P.M.  -  Working Lunch

Ocala Hilton, I-75 @ SR 200

Please RSVP your attendance:

2017 IAAPA Conference/Tradeshow & AMOAF Membership Meeting info:

This fall, Orlando, Florida will again be the site for the IAAPA Conference/Tradeshow (Nov. 13 – 17) and your annual AMOAF Membership Meeting being held after the Touch Tunes Regional Partners Meeting, October 13th, 9:00am – 3:00 pm, at Betson’s Florida office.

 2017 has truly been a roller coaster ride for Amusement Operators throughout Florida; first, adjusting to the new regulations regarding plush costs, followed by the up and down legal battles with the ‘pre-reveal’ games.  It has been said that all game operating companies need to be aware of the ever-changing rules and regulations that at some point will affect all of us here in Florida. 
Because your Association represents a wide spectrum of amusement-related companies, so does your board of directors-- street operators, family fun centers and game distributors. These folks are working tirelessly on your behalf; they are in constant contact with one another and with your legislative and legal team.

Several of your manufacturers and suppliers have already committed to this meeting, which will also include seminars, a silent auction, and lunch! 

As a business owner, you know none of this happens without your financial support.  Dues remain $1.00 per day, while donations to the legislative fund have varied from operators and suppliers. We ask if you are currently operating pre-reveal games and want to continue this portion of your business, your participation is crucial to you and your clients’ future.

Watch for more meeting updates, future legislative meetings and legal updates in the coming weeks.

Look to see you in October.