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AMOAF Hails Win In Push To Halt New Cigarette Vending Restrictions

Updated: May 2, 2021

PALM BEACH GARDENS, FL - The Amusement Machine Owners Association of Florida reports that its efforts to assist in thwarting a state cigarette machine ban have been successful.

AMOAF president Al Kress, Florida Music & Vending (Palm Beach Gardens) explained that the Florida Legislature's 2019 session concluded Saturday, May 4. "Thanks to our lobbyist Scott Dick ( we were able to prevent an amendment that would have criminalized the sale of cigarettes through vending machines," he said.

"AMOAF takes pride in protecting and advancing the businesses of amusement machine operators throughout the state of Florida," Kress emphasized.

The association currently is planning its 2019 annual meeting. Details will be published as they are finalized.

AMOAF was organized to engage in education for and advocacy on behalf of those engaged in the business of coin-operated amusement and entertainment devices. Membership is open to machine owners who place equipment in bars, restaurants, bowling centers, family arcades, fun centers, theme parks and similar locations.

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