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Florida’s A.J. Kress Joins the TP Crane Crew

We got one of those toilet-paper-in-the-crane photos from Florida operator AJ Kress (Florida Music Co.). The machine sits in a location in the town of Stuart, but A.J. didn’t tell us how it was doing in the cash can (whoops, cash box!).

A.J. reports that his parents, Al and Donna Kress, are doing fine during this crisis. He says the government is seeing pockets of cases mostly down towards Boca Raton, but only two in his county, “Business is dead. All bars closed.” He added that jukebox income dropped to less than $100 on a Saturday night with only two ATM transactions recorded.

With only three employees on his payroll, AJ says “I’m keeping them on for now. One is cleaning the shop; the other whatever locations we can get into to clean our machines. I fear that once this is over, we will all forget what ‘normal’ was.”

Let’s hope the TP in that crane helps perk up collections!

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